Pharmaceutical Packaging Design and Artwork (AW)

The volume of the global pharmaceutical market is continuously growing, which can be attributed to innovative developments and the emergence of new drugs. This leads to an increase in the volume of both primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging produced every year. While primary packaging, its material, hygienic properties, appearance and printed data are mostly subject to regulatory requirements, in the case of secondary packaging, the manufacturer has considerably more freedom. In addition to the mandatory graphic and labeling elements, secondary pharmaceutical packaging needs to have a thoughtful graphic design and is an image product that influences consumer behavior and decisions.

Pharma is a very peculiar industry, and visual solutions and trends performing very well in other areas can lead to absolutely opposite results in Pharma. The consumer expects a certain therapeutical effect from the purchased product, and the task of packaging, in addition to ensuring that the quality of the product meets regulatory requirements, is to convince the consumer that the desired effect will be provided with this specific brand of drug product. There are known cases when a very stylish packaging developed according to the latest trends and admired by designers, nevertheless led to drops in sales and aroused distrust among consumers.

Pharmaceutical packaging is not just a beautiful design that meets a number of artwork and labeling requirements. This is, first of all, the outer shell of the drug, its visual continuation and the effect of perception should not be out of harmony with the effect expected from the drug.


Tarqvara Pharma Technologies specialists have comprehensive experience in developing design solutions (Artwork, AW) for printed packaging materials, including all required elements, such as textual information in any language, images and graphic design elements, embossed Braille symbols, Pharmacode (Laetus Code) for automated control by scanner, international EAN article number (barcode), varnish-free areas for printing variable data, and preprinted prefixes for variable data, technical labelling for packaging equipment, areas for placement of protective (Tamper Evident) stickers, technical codes and material article numbers.

We work with all possible types of packaging of any configuration, from cardboard folding boxes and product information leaflets (PILs) to blister cover foils, labels, tubes, etc. At each stage of processing, all layouts are assigned a unique ID code, which is additionally associated with product information, article number and layout version, which ensures full traceability and immediate availability of desired artwork file on search. Source files and layouts are saved in a reserved repository storage compliant with IT security and confidentiality requirements, and can be stored for a specific retention period by agreement with the Client.

We are open for various models of cooperation, from the development of individual packaging layouts for one product or a line of products, to the conclusion of a "subscription" agreement for the development and updating of packaging materials layouts for a pharmaceutical manufacturer on an ongoing basis.

In addition to years of experience in the field of graphic design, we are professionals specialized in providing services to the pharmaceutical industry. Possessing the full scope of cross-disciplinary competencies, such as knowledge of pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, GMP / GxP practice, printing technologies, IT, Records & Data Integrity (RDI), GAMP, linguistics, operation of packaging equipment, serialization and aggregation / Track&Trace systems, allows us to see aspects that are inaccessible to ordinary design agencies.


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