Training & Public Events

It is ultimately human, who is the key element in the assurance of medicinal product quality and safety for the patient. Personnel has to be trained, scientific and process knowledge must be communicated and shared within an organization and between the participants of the pharmaceutical market. Internal and external training, seminars/webinars, conferences and other public events are an integer part of pharmaceutical business activities addressing knowledge and personnel qualifications management.

Tarqvara Pharma Technologies specialists have years of experience in organizing and conducting GxP training and related public events that includes:

  • Face-to-face and distance learning sessions on basic topics of GMP, GDP, industrial hygiene, documentation, qualification and validation practices, and main pharmaceutical manufacturing processes, as well as on specialized topics such as computerized systems validation (CSV), records and data integrity (RDI), GAMP, serialization/aggregation, monitoring systems, cleanrooms and HVAC, pharmaceutical water systems, containment and production of high-potent drugs
  • Development of training programs and training materials on GMP/GDP/GAMP
  • Organization of qualification tests for trainees and personnel of pharmaceutical companies
  • Preparation of presentations and participation in seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. on pharmaceutical topics
  • Promotion of customer products and services


The subjects of our GxP training include:


General GxP Topics:

  1. Introduction into GMP
  2. Hygienic Requirements in Cleanrooms
  3. Basics of Qualification and Validation
  4. Validation Master Plan (VMP)
  5. Risk Analyses (RA)
  6. Design Qualification (DQ)
  7. Installation Qualification (IQ)
  8. Operational Qualification (OQ)
  9. Performance Qualification (PQ)


Special Topics:

  1. Computerized Systems Validation / GAMP5 / 21 CFR Part 11
  2. Records and Data Integrity
  3. GxP-Compliant Design of Electronic Systems
  4. Serialization and Track & Trace
  5. GMP-Monitoring Systems
  6. Clean Room Systems
  7. HVAC Systems
  8. Pharmaceutical Water Systems (PW, WFI, PS)
  9. Compressed Air & Gas Systems
  10. Weighing and Dispensing
  11. Cross-Contamination and Cleaning
  12. Sterile & Aseptic Solution Preparation Systems
  13. Sterile & Aseptic Filling
  14. Sterilization Processes
  15. Freeze-Drying Processes
  16. OSD Processes
  17. Primary and Secondary Packaging
  18. Airlocks
  19. Toxic Facility Design and Containment Systems
  20. Visual Aspects of GxP: Labelling, HMI, Packaging and Documentation
  21. Legacy Equipment (Retrospective) Qualification


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